OfficeFlex is a business incubation facility focused on growing your business. We offer an all-inclusive package of business services so you can focus on what's important. In addition to office space, you get conference room usage, legal services, accounting services, IT assistance, software development, mentoring, administrative assistance, customer engagement advice, and more. We take the burden out of running your business.

The OfficeFlex Difference

We don't consider OfficeFlex an office provider. OfficeFlex is not an executive suite, a co-working facility, or an office-sharing company. We are a business services company that provides you with all the resources you need to grow and manage your business.

If you struggle with accounting, contracts, legal disputes, IT issues, business questions, insurance, or business funding, can your office provider help? With OfficeFlex, we have a network of professionals ready and able to help you solve your needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. Best of all, most services are built right into the price. Imagine how convenient it would be to go down the hall to ask a quick legal or accounting question.

Think of OfficeFlex as your own business team, that also happens to have offices and conference rooms for you to use. Let us handle all your headaches - while you focus on growing your business.


Finally, there's a place where you can work one-on-one with experienced founders, business executives, mentors, legal advisors, technology experts, and accountants. We're right in the thick of things, conveniently located near the booming Plano business districts. We have staff that can help you with all your business challenges and guide you to the next phase of your business growth. With all these services under one roof, your business just became a lot more efficient.


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